What Is A Great Room

By the early 1990’s, Great Rooms had began to increase in popularity in the construction industry with the modernized floor plans for new home builds. One of the frequent questions asked is “what is a Great room?”.  I hope to give an answer to this question that everyone can relate to.
It is an idea that was inspired by the Great Halls of the medieval era that used to be the largest room in the castle where every event took place.  In the 1990’s when high ceilings and expanded rooms were common and popular in high-end houses. People loved the idea of the room having the appearance of being a much larger room which gave the impression that the house was much larger than it was. It often felt like one had walked into a mansion when one entered the Great room.

The Great room is a large room in a two story home that has a raised ceiling that is often called a cathedral ceiling and incorporates more than one function for the room. Some may create a nook for dining in one area while encompassing the living area and a family room as part of the Great room. That would be the basic description of what is a Great room. Around the mid 2000’s, Great rooms have become less popular or desirable to homeowners because of complaints of heating/cooling costs, difficult to clean, difficult to paint, and many complained about large amount of space that can not be used. With the economy changing and resources were becoming more scarce as the cost of living had increased, families found that they needed more usable space than the Great room provides.

As the economy began to change for the worst, families were realizing the need to share their homes with others and a new room and added usable space became a necessity. Some families found that sharing their home with loved ones such as their elderly parents and other family members or even friends had become necessary to make ends meet. With the added needs of the growing households, many had decided to increase usable space and lower the ever increasing utility costs. Making an investment in an addition would have such a great return that they have decided to give up that high two story ceiling.

Many homeowners began to retrofit their Great rooms by adding a room in the unused portion of the high ceiling which creates more usable space while lowering the costs for heating/cooling and making it easier to clean and paint the area. A simple room or loft addition has been the answer for many. There are a few benefits for adding a room or loft to a Great room in your home. Besides the obvious reasons such as adding more usable space and lowering heating/cooling costs, an added benefit is that it will make your home more desirable which will make it easier to sell your home for the actual value.  the basic question one need to ask to ask is, what is a Great room worth?

Alan Williams

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