The Growing Family and Foster Care

When we think about the needs of a growing family we think about the 9 months most families have to prepare for the new addition to the family. Quite often when we think about family we rarely think about foster families. The need for foster families is constantly expanding which means the need to expand homes to provide care to more children is always there. Everyone is happy when they hear the news that a couple is expecting but there are more reasons to expand the floor plan to a home than an expected arrival of a newborn baby.

Sometimes it may be necessary to expand the house for unexpected arrivals such as a niece or nephew, grandchildren or a parent or grandparent who needs extra care. There are many reasons a family will grow and there are many reasons why a child may find oneself in the midst of a foster home. Regardless of the reason that one may find the family growing, the need to make room is ever present.  For some homes, all that is needed to prepare for the arrival of a new member to the household is some clearing out of a room that was once used as a home office or the extra room used for storage. For these homes some minor cleaning and repairs are in order while for others a little construction is needed.

Much like the house, the home often needs to clear out some old junk and make a few adjustments to welcome the newest member. I have seen some families take the garage and turn it into a beautiful room or even two rooms with a little work a garage can transform into a beautiful room addition to any home. All it takes is a little insulation, heating/cooling and a bit of drywall and paint and a garage can be the new room for a new addition to the home such as a teenager or parent or grandparent. The main part of the structure is already there and just a few changes is all that is needed. These little changes are less costly than building a complete room onto the home and with the finances that are saved the extra funds can be used for the care of the family.

The Growing family of Foster care needs grow so does the need for more foster parents with larger homes. More rooms, more space, and more loving care. When it comes to a loved one such as a newly widowed parent or grandparent, a degree of privacy is also needed to help the new household member feel more comfortable. Adding a small bathroom will help add to the privacy of the new room while making the newest arrival in the home feel more at ease and at home.

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