Get your home ready for winter

As we get closer to the colder months we think about weatherizing our homes and in colder climates where the pipes may freeze we think about insulation our pipes to help avoid our pipes freezing and bursting. there are some great ideas for weatherizing our homes such as placing weather strips around our doors and windows. It is a good idea to check siding for cracks and make all household repairs as quickly as possible before the bad weather arrives. We all want to save on the cost of heating while trying to keep our homes warm in the winter.When we get ready for winter there are quite a few ways one can go about it. Caulking around air conditioners that are installed through an exterior wall or removing a unit from your window is a great way to help weatherize your home. Checking out your roof and making sure that your roof is in good condition and that there are no gaps or holes in the roof is also a good idea to make sure there will be no leaks this winter. It is always a good idea to have your roof inspected.


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