Decorating for Christmas

Decorating a Christmas tree has been a tradition in almost every American family for generations. Some make it a family tradition to decorate the tree together on Christmas Eve making a complete family event with Christmas music, eggnog and vanilla, cinnamon, or pine scented candles giving a light Christmas scent to add to the ambiance of the evening. Christmas is a widely celebrated Christian holiday that is celebrated by decorating with lights, poinsettias, ever green trees and wreaths decorated with tinsel, ribbons and other festive ornaments. One can not forget the traditional Yule log on the mantel and all of the traditional treats such as sugar cookies.

I love the different garlands that are available in various stores and I have often strung popcorn for garland. Back in time, it was common to decorate with gingerbread, candy canes and popcorn. There is always a fun experience with making a gingerbread house. It only takes a little skill and some patience to construct a gingerbread house. There are many kits that one can purchase to make the perfect gingerbread house usually comprised with gingerbread, candy and held together with icing. Some people eat the house while others use various methods of preserving their fragile little homes.

I particularly love the little scenes that some construct with little towns and a train set that runs around it on a set of mini tracks. The displays in the front yard with Santa Claus and Reindeer with all of the beautiful light shows to entertain those who pass by on their way to do their Christmas shopping. I love decorating for Christmas and the one thing I love decorating the most is the Christmas tree. In my house we use bows, shiny glass balls and tinsel over little tree lights that adds color and a sense of magic to the tree that is waiting for the gifts to be placed under it. Christmas time is a time of year where giving and caring for others is the most thoughtful time.

Adding a little light to the inside of the home with decorative indoor lights always makes a home shine especially for the annual Christmas party. Most families often spend some time with family and friends by throwing amazing Christmas parties where various traditional dishes are served. sometimes it is a potluck and sometimes  it is a catered event. I prefer the potluck style because there are usually more choices of tasty delights from various traditional family recipes. There could be three types of stuffing and each one will be made differently with different ingredients and style.

Christmas decorating is surrounded by the theme of giving, sharing, and of course sweet treats. This tradition has been handed down through many generations. No matter how a family celebrates Christmas, it always begins with the decorations and displays made with care and love.

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