The Big Move

The Big Move

Recently we have had some exciting events take place and one of those things is that we have moved to a new location. That’s right, we just made the big move. The building structure on the property was nowhere near what we needed it to be. Changes were necessary to make the property work for us. Tearing out a few walls and rewiring a few rooms not to mention repairing some pipes as well as adding a whole new roof onto the place was a project that we needed to do. With a lot of moves, there are usually some changes to the property that are necessary. It could be just adding a new wall or maybe tearing one out. It can be simple or complicated depending on how the structure sits as is.

Before the big move, the structure that we just moved into had some quirks and we had to bring it up to code. It is common to have to make some changes to property even if one is renting to suit the needs of the business. Depending on the type of business the changes can be very small. Adding a wall in probably one of the most simple changes there are. For example; a merchant opening a store may rent a space that was previously used as an office. There may be walls that created the reception area separating it from the other offices. Putting up those walls were probably pretty easy but now they must come down the make room for all of the merchandise that will be set up for customers to browse through to make their selections.

Sometimes all that is needed are repairs when purchasing a property that is otherwise perfect. It was our recent move that brought me to thinking about the work that usually needs to be done whenever a business makes such a move to another location. We know how important it is for the space to be perfect and how much of a challenge moving can be. We know that in a quick flash our place will be ready for business. Our office will be perfect and it was all worth the wait and effort. We know that sometimes it may seem that a few days is going to be a real pain to wait and that there is a degree of disruption for the business. That is why we suggest that whenever possible a business should secure the property at least 2 weeks prior to moving in so that any changes can be made before trying to operate at that location.

Sometimes that can not be avoided and it is necessary to conduct business while the construction is taking place. For us it is no problem we can work around it and when we do the work for other businesses we try to make it as quick and painless as possible. We understand first-hand what it is like to have to operate a business while the building is under construction. When we looked at our building with the previous tenants still in it the place didn’t seem that bad but once they had vacated the place was a huge mess and required a lot of work. We couldn’t wait to move in since our last place was already forfeited which means we will have to conduct business during construction.

No big deal because we know it won’t be very long before the construction is completed and the disruption will be short lived and it will become a better work environment when it is finished. Regardless if the changes are to be made by the owner or the tenant construction can go very quickly and the disruption can be kept at a minimum. We understand our customer’s needs because we too work through the same issues. On the day of the big move it is always nice to have everything just the way you need it but when you can’t have it that way it is possible to keep it simple.

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