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As time goes by our homes get older or we may acquire a home or structure that needs additions or refurbishing. It is interesting to think about all of the wonderful ways a home can be transformed and the reasons for it. As we see below, the City of Indio has acquired homes and have been making improvements. One of the points to keep in mind when making addition or improvements its import to make sure to have all of the proper permits for the construction. Illegal additions or construction can lower your property value and cause problems for you later such as fines and can make it difficult to sell your home for a reasonable value.

City of Indio Unveils Rehabbed Home – KMIR-TV

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This video tells about how the City of Indio Unveils Rehabbed HomeKMIR-TV. This home is all fixed up now, but before it had several illegal additions to the house and garage. “Technically the house was three bedroom, one bathroom, now it’s a four bedroom two bathroom so we legalized …

When making some home additions or refurbishing a home it may be best to hire a general contractor for the big jobs. Making an addition and refurbishing a home can take a great deal of work and knowledge along with some skill to get it just right. As we see in the video below it takes quite a bit of knowledge to refurbish an old structure such as this Federal style home. When you want to keep the original look to an old home but it is in need of repair to restore the original beauty of the home it is important that you know quite a bit about the construction of that period and how to regain that appearance with some modern home building. 

How to Build Home Addition – Federal Style Home Restoration in Charleston, SC -Bob Vila eps.902

This is a great video that displays the refurbishing and addition to this Federal style home. Related: Home Additions and Renovation Projects: Where to Begin: www.bobvila.com Bob gets a look at how the newly framed addition will blend gracefully into the back of the old house, adding a considerable amount of expanded living space. Restoration…

As we can see some modernization may be needed and there may be areas that need to be optimized to meet up with current code such as electrical work or plumbing. Sometimes the home is not historical at all and one may simply want to improve the home and bring up to current standards and code and fix leaking roofs and water damage. Making repairs to the plumbing so that there are not any more problems with water damage and giving the home a face lift so to say may be all that is needed to make an improvement.


Overall there are times when Home additions and refurbishing is an absolute must when you want to avoid simply tearing the house down and rebuilding a new one in its place. Of course that can be done but with the structure already built the additions may be all that is needed. 






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