Interior Decorating as a Contractor

Interior DesignAs a contractor it may surprise people that I have a natural knack for interior decorating and design. When I see an old building or house I can visualize what would make that place stand out and look great. There are a few things to think about when decorating or working interior design. I’m lucky in the fact that I can change the structure of a building or house to make it look just the way it should when it comes to beauty. Interior decorating as a contractor comes easy for me because I can visualize the finished product before it’s finished and I work from there.

When I look at an old building that I am about renovate or remodel I see how the colors and accents will compliment the newly designed interior structure of the building or home. Colors play a huge roll in how we feel when we spend time in a room. Our surroundings directly affect the way we perceive the world so it is important to make it pleasant so that we can have a pleasant experience at work or home. I choose bright colors and make sure that my own personal space has lots of natural light. I love windows and I make sure I am surrounded in my rooms by natural light. Bright colors and natural light are well known to lift one’s mood and help to inspire happiness.

In my office I have windows that let the light shine in and keeps the mood of the office pleasant. I have seen some offices that are completely void of windows and the employees seem somber and tired whereas the employees in the office with the windows overall seem happier and have more energy and seem to be more productive.

We recently moved into a new place and we have been working on improvements I have been making the place my own by adding my own decorating touch. With warm colors and sheer curtains for the office I will add a splash of complimentary colors to go with the warm color chose for my walls. little things such as antiques that I like to display all compliment each other and the walls accent the displays. While we work on the improvements the place may be in disarray but I know when it is complete it will be well worth the trouble. Adding a few indoor plants will make the place come alive and of course real plants complement the humans around the structure as well since they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen while people breath oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. Plants are great to have indoors.

When it comes to interior decorating as a contractor I don’t have a lot of time for maintenance so I choose plants that take little maintenance such as cactus plants and Ivy plants. I love to be happy in my environment so I take the little steps to make it as pleasant as I can. for example if I use a warm shade of yellow I will add some browns and greens and blues to accent the main yellow. I find that the deep and bold colors work better for me than the pale shades so that is what I use. So, get in there and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to splash a bit of color in your environment. It just might make you feel better.

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