New Home Build

Redlands New Home Build Photo of FoundationOne of the best reasons for a new home build is that you can have it built where-ever you want it and can get a permit. Some of the other benefits are simply that you can have your dream home made specifically for your taste and everything will be new and modern and up to modern day code. Not everyone will want a new home build but those who do know the benefits of having it done for them. It can be specific to their own dreams or picked from a set of pre-designed blueprints. In any case having it built for the buyer specifically lets them know that they are the first ones to live in the home and will build history with it from scratch.

I recall my parents first home that was built for them was a pre-designed home. They watched it get built from the foundation up and they were so excited to watch their new house being  built. They went to visit it every weekend to watch it grow into a sound and beautiful home. They took pictures every weekend and knew of every problem and every success that was encountered with the new home. After the home was finished and it was time to move in they walked through the house and took pictures knowing that every tack nail that was put in the walls was to hang their own pictures and to decorations. They were happy that they could decorate it and paint it the way they liked it and didn’t have to worry about a landlord telling them they were infringing on some renter’s agreement.


They soon got busy decorating their home and moving in and getting settled. They lived there for many years and shared their pictures of their home being built and acquired many stories about the house and that happened in the house. It was a large four bedroom house and for many years it was full of activity with their family at the heart of the home. They changed the color of the walls a few times and added a patio. They put shelves up and took them down, rearranged them and changed from curtains to blinds to both curtains and blinds for their window coverings over the many years they spent in their home. They were happy with having a new home build for many years until their children left the home and they decided to move into a smaller home.

The one thing they loved about their new home build was that they were the first to live in it and every hole every ding or scratch had a memory to go with it. They had many new memories to share with in the walls of their new home build. It was not only the structure that protected their family from the harsh outdoor weather of the cold of winter, the rain, and the heat of of summer. It was a huge part of their family memories and life would not have been the same in a rental. Their son’s room would not have been painted blue and they would not have had the choice of what type of window coverings to have. They would not have been able to have the various colors for the living room and family room that they had chosen. Having their own new home build gave them the freedom to make memories that were cherishable Like when their grandsons drew on the walls with permanent marker followed by a new color for the walls.

So regardless if you already own a pre-built home that you plan to add on to or a new home build it is always great to just own your own home.

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