Best Time For Roof Repair

Roof RepairSummer time can be the best time for roof repair, your roof is dry, and the weather allows the old roof shingles to be removed without the chance for a downpour to flood your home, or wind to hamper the work that is needed.

Having your roof repair estimated during the dry summer months also works in your favor, as contractors will have more lead time to work on your roof, keeping them from having to charge premium for a rush job to keep your home from flooding.

Out of many of the home improvements that you can do, most forget that their roof is one of the more important ones, follows is a link to a  story that goes into more detail about having your roof repaired or replaced:

Time To Call The Roof Repair Guy? These Tips Will Tell You When


Our crew at Mallory Construction can handle any home or commercial roofing work you need completed, from a simple patch job to a full remove and replace. To get a no obligation roofing estimate just fill out our Roofing Estimate form and we will contact you for a time to look at your roof and give you a professional estimate.

Being located in California and in the Highland area where high winds can be a factor, I always look at where a home is located, and how the winds will effect the wear and tear on the roof and what type of roofing material will be needed. There are times when not only will we change the type of material used, but also the remodeling of the construction of the roof for better ware if wind is a strong factor in the area the home is built.

This video will give you some ideas of how the elements can play a roll in the selection of the roof type needed:


Wind Resistant Roof Types

Learn about wind resistant roof types. by, StrongHomes

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call we love to help, 909-742-9093.

Alan Williams

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