Read This Before You Do A Room Addition

IMAG1640When making a room addition there are a few things that need to be considered. Before you add a room it is required to get permission from the city to do this. There may be consequences that you may not be in the position to face that could arise simply because you didn’t have the proper permits to add on to the home. Some things that could possibly arise from not having the proper permits could be that your property value may not rise with the addition or worse when you go to sell your home you could be slammed with back taxes, fees or fines. One thing that is possible to happen is you may have to remove the structure you added such as a garage. Also with a permit your project must be inspected at certain parts of the construction. That means at different times during the building of your room addition an inspector will come out to see if it meets up to code.

That is always a stress factor when using an unlicensed handy man or doing it yourself. It can cost you more for mistakes than you would have paid if you had a licensed contractor doing the work. You also want the work to be professional with doors that work right, and proper angles in the room with a professional finish. I have seen too many homes that have had additions that were not professionally done and I always have to come in and fix them for the owner. I have seen one home that had a room addition, and the front door moved to a new location and walls were added to the interior of the home. A whole second floor was added to another home, and the roof leaked horribly as well as the skylight because of improper installation.

It may seem like a good idea at the time but I recommend if you are planning to add a room that you hire a professional to handle the job.

It is always recommended to hire a licensed contractor over a handy man to add a room or do any major construction to your home. A handy man can fix minor breakages and do some quick fixes but when it comes to adding a room a licensed contractor knows what permits are needed and how to handle all the details with fewer risks.

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