Room Additions in the Summer

IMAG1254As a whole we all think about making some changes to our homes in the summer time here in the Inland Empire because that is when the weather permits us to do most of our work with out worrying about rain. Adding a room in the summer time makes room for the winter holidays when we share our home with loved ones from out of town. It is always great to think ahead. It may take some time to not only build the room addition but to get all of the furniture in the room and to decorate the extra space. it could be where the main celebrating takes place. There are so many different holidays through out the year for all of the different traditions here in the United States and more specifically right here in the Inland Empire.

Making a room addition in the summer when the weather is warm and dry is the best time to get ready for the winter. Most people do not wish to begin work on their home nearing winter because the weather gets to be a bit unwelcoming. It is nice to have the work done in time for winter starting with the Halloween parties not to mention all of the birthday parties throughout the coming year. It can make room for the newest wedding party to hold their reception or other celebrations surrounding the event. An added room increases the property value and hiring a Licensed Contractor to do the work ensures that all of the permits are granted before beginning the addition as well as the building being up to code for the inspections that proceed after building begins. It insures that it is done right with the skill of a professional hand at work for you. 

Most of all getting started in the summer grants you enough time to get ready for the colder winter months when the weather isn’t so great for having the construction going on exposed to the weather. Starting your room addition in the summer ensures that your home will be ready in time for the fall and winter activities when most people stay inside their homes and enjoy their lives indoors. Why not make it more spacious and comfortable for when family and friends come for their visit in the winter months. It is summer time now and everyone is enjoying the summer time fun activities out doors which will keep them from being bothered while your home is being enhanced.

Now is the best time here in the Inland Empire to begin on your next home project and build your new room addition in the summer. We at Mallory Construction are here to help you begin your new addition; so give us a call at 909-742-9093 or fill out our easy quote form to get started on your next project.



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