Benefits of a Covered Patio

patio coverThere are a few good reasons to add a cover to your patio. One of the top benefits is that it adds to the property value. With a cover it gives extra shade especially if the back of the house sits in direct sun for most of the day. It keeps the house cooler in the summer in this case because it keeps the sun from beating directly in your windows which heats up your home in the summer time. Another benefit of a covered patio is that when it is raining you can sit outside and enjoy the rain without getting wet. I know humid it can get when it rains in the summer and sitting outside where there is a breeze while it rains can be a very pleasant experience. Regardless if you have a pool or not, having a covered patio allows you to enjoy the warm weather with out being directly in the sun. It offers a little shelter if one wants to have a picnic lunch on the patio or a even a party. These are just a few of the benefits of a covered patio.

It is very nice to be able to sit out doors in the spring or fall and just enjoy the fresh air. I know I enjoy sitting under the cover of the patio here in the Inland Empire during the spring and fall to read. I get just enough free light with just enough shade to keep me comfortable to see the pages of my book or my electronic reader with out the glare from the sun. On rainy days I like to sit outside because I enjoy the smell of the wet grass and other pleasant outdoor smells that come on a rainy day. If one’s house is in a snow zone it is nice to bundle up with a hot beverage and sit on the patio and enjoy the crisp air in the winter while watching the wild life go about their busy day. I’m sure there are more reasons that you may be able to think of that are benefits of a covered patio.

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