Halloween In Its Ever Changing Form

pumpkinsOver the centuries of different cultures there have been different celebrations to honor the end of the summer growing season. Here in the United States we have carried on the tradition of Halloween in its ever changing form. In Autumn the correlation between Halloween and the Autumn harvest are the different fruits and vegetables that are harvested. It’s common to go dunking for apples and carve pumpkins and make different treats and decorations out of the pumpkin, corn and apples that are commonly harvested this time of year. Even the Hay rides are part of the harvest celebrations such as Halloween.

Halloween as we know it today comes from a religious celebration and incorporation of the harvest bounty. Farmers for centuries have celebrated the harvest with many different festivals. The Irish and Scottish are associated with bringing Halloween to the United States back in history which helped our modern celebrations today. There were old traditions of dressing up in scary costumes and giving treats in some cultures that were incorporated into our harvest celebration of Halloween. There are so many connecting traditions that connect Halloween and the Autumn Harvest.

October is one of my most favorite months because I love the wonderful foods and different ways of celebrating this Harvest. I love visiting the pumpkin patch, apple orchards and even parties in celebration of this harvest. I love almost anything made with pumpkin and Hot spiced apple cider is delicious too. I enjoy decorating for Halloween using the different items from the fall harvest. Jack o’ lanterns are fun to make and they make great decorations for the porch. Even the spider webs are more prevalent this time of year because of when spider eggs hatch. With the recent changing of the season everything around us seems to be dying which adds to the creepiness in air. Of course, the new found crispness also adds to the cold feel of death that adds to our Halloween Celebrations that inspire our fall decorations with scarecrows and ghosts.

I love all of the lore that is told in fantastic stories this time of year that simply gives me goose bumps from the different aspects of the season. Just think, the harvest fruits and vegetables turned into delights, Its getting colder and darker, everything seems to be dying and we are all preparing for winter. What a beautiful time of year this season brings us all the fall colors to celebrate with. I just love Halloween and the Autumn harvest.


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