Decorating for thanksgiving

Decorating for thanksgivingIt’s that time of year here in the United States when we gather with family to give thanks. It is the last fall holiday. We consume fall foods such as anything made with pumpkin, apples and cranberries. I personally enjoy this holiday feast and absolutely love the colors of this season. As I look around at all of the fall colors such as the colors of the changing leaves on all of the trees, I see beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange, brown, green, and of course I like black and cream to add to the splash of colors. 

When I prepare for Thanksgiving I also think about the decoration of my home to set the atmosphere for the special day. I buy seasonal decorations such as pumpkins and other small squash, pine cones and I make some decorations with crochet, plastic flowers, and a glue gun. It is easy to find things to decorate your home during this season in these parts of the world. Using the fall colors I will often crochet or sew table covers and pillows. Oh I am sure you can buy them for a price. I find that it is cheaper to make pillows for my furniture or to make pillow covers for my existing pillows. Throwing a matching colored quilt over the back of the sofa adds to the seasonal beauty. 

Because Turkey is a main course and has made its way to the center of the celebration, it doesn’t hurt to throw some adorable images of turkeys into the mix. After all turkeys are fall colors and fit in the scheme of things. I know my daughter-in-law cross stitched a very cute animated turkey to add to her festivities using the beautiful fall colors. It is easy to find cloth leaves printed in the beautiful fall colors. I am a lover of arts and crafts and enjoy small projects this time of year. Every year I engage in a new project of something to make that I can add to my collection. If you are not an arts and craft kind of decorator, I suggest you still take the time to visit your local craft stores because they have lots of decorations that are easy to throw together to set a calm and cheerful mood. 

When decorating for thanksgiving, you can always keep some of the decorations from Halloween such as orange and black leaves just add some red, yellow and orange ones. Most of the time, depending on when you purchased them, squash will last through the beginning of December or longer. The cornucopia is a traditional piece to add to this seasons decorations and it can last through christmas and new years by adding gold, red and green colors to the scheme. In any case the key to decorating for Thanksgiving is sticking to the theme of turkey and fall foods and holding tight to fall colors that you find in the changing season of fall.  

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