Commercial Tenant Improvement By The Numbers

Is your business looking to build-out or overhaul a commercial space you have just leased or purchased?

… Great! Then we can help, Mallory Construction is the leader in the Commercial Tenant Improvement construction business since 2001, if you’re looking to buildout a vacant space, overhaul, improve or remodel a commercial space in the San Bernardino, Redlands, Riverside, Yucaipa, Highland, or just about anywhere in the Inland Empire you can count on Mallory Construction to do the job.

Commercial Tenant ImprovementOur Commercial Tenant Improvement by the Numbers:

  1. We start by listening to you and understanding your needs, wants, and wishes for your new business space.
  2. Then, we will do a feasibility study to make sure your project is possible, if there are any restrictions, etc.
  3. We will go over your plans with you or, if you have no plan we can help guide you by developing one with you.
  4. After we have all the details we can then formulate a budget range for your commercial tenant improvement project.
  5. Once you approve the projects budget we can then complete buildable drawings to be submitted the local authorities.
  6. While we are waiting for the local authorities to greenlight the project, we will complete the work orders and project schedule.

Some things to be aware of when starting a Commercial Tenant Improvement project:

  • Zoning for the building your space occupies.
  • Occupancy Classification of the location.
  • The local and state requirements: Example, restaurants need to have special requirements to meet Depart of Health codes, along with special fire suppression codes.
  • For additional plumbing or water usage requirements that may need preformed, Like: (SAC) Sewer Access Charge and or (WAC) Water Access Charge.
  • You lease agreement my have special guidelines that you must follow, Like: special project insurance, limited work hours, approval of your plans, and more.
  • Some cities require Architectural Prints to be submitted before any permits are issued.
  • Landscapping additions to the property may be required by the landlord or local authorities.
  • And you may have need of a strict “Timeline” on when the project needs to be completed or say a Grand Opening that is scheduled.

With our experience that we bring to your project after years of working with the surrounding cities and officials, we guarantee you will be happy with the results!

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Alan Williams

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