The House Fire

Guest Post by T.K. Houston

When I was a child about seven years old, I remember my parents bursting into my room where me and my three sisters slept.  My mother was yelling for us to get out of bed because our house was on fire.  We lived in a two story home on the East coast and I remember it was a cold winter’s night.  The whole down stairs area of the house was on fire beneath us and we had no way out except through the second floor window in our room.

The room was quickly filling with heat and smoke from the fire below and the only window in the room, our only means of escape was swollen shut.  I remember, my mother hit the frame of that old house window busting the window, frame and all crashed to the ground below.  There were four of us kids, my youngest sister being about four and my oldest sister being about 16 years old.  My oldest sister screamed fire out of the window while my mother was trying to figure out how she was going to get her family out of the burning house.

My father started half way down the stairs to see if he could find another way out of the burning house but to no avail there was none.  My mother tied bed sheets together for a makeshift rope for us to climb down. While my dad held the bed sheets in his burned hands, my sister Brenda climbed down first, then I climbed down to stand next to my older sister.  My mother realized my youngest sister was too young and small to climb down the bed sheets so my oldest sister who was involved in gymnastics positioned herself hanging out of the window up side down and with my mother’s help, lowered my baby sister down to my other sister.

We all escaped through that second floor window with minor smoke inhalation and my father with some third degree burns on his face and hands but that old house had burned completely on the inside, collapsing the second floor.  The fire was caused by arson, gasoline was poured all over the first floor and then set on fire if I remember correctly.  The destruction of the house and everything we owned was devastating for my parents.

I have known how much damage a fire can cause to any structure since I was a small child.  I remember driving by that old house after the fire and seeing the amount of damage that was done to it.

I have also seen the end results from the top quality work that Mallory Construction has done on houses with extreme fire damage like the house I escaped from that night, located in the photo gallery.  It takes a lot of knocking down of what is left of walls and completely reconstructing them from the ground up.  The skill that Mallory Construction brings to the job is of the highest quality and he puts forth the most effort and energy to make sure the job is done right.  For any kind of restoration or construction it would be worth it to call Mallory Construction.


T.K. Houston is the content development manager for Small Time Marketer, helping businesses attract more customers, using the web and social media marketing.

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