10 Reasons Why Build A New Home

There are 10 reasons why build a new home that I can think of right off the top of my head.  New Home Build

1.  The first reason that comes to my thoughts is Peace of mind.  When you have a newly built home you can be assured that every part of the construction from the carpet and wiring all the way to the newly laid roof will last for years to come.

2.  The second reason that comes to mind is that the floor plans of today meet the current needs of a family.  Since the design of the home is new and up to date it meets all the specifications and  currently required guidelines and standards.  There are no modifications needed to meet those standards because they are already in place.

3.  The third reason that I can think of is that it can be built with energy saving features such as large argon filled glass windows, which saves on light  and heating cost, energy saving toilet and shower fixtures.  Energy and cost saving insulation, and other energy saving features that can be implemented to save money in the long run.

4.  The Fourth reason of the the 10 reasons why build a new home is that you will have up to date, quality, energy saving appliances installed in your new home. With addition of new and energy saving appliances is they come with warranties  that help if something should go wrong and helps to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

5.  The Fifth reason is you will have choices.  You can choose the paint, flooring and any upgrades that you want.  You can choose if you want white carpet, brown carpet, or plush carpet.  If you choose not to go with carpet at all, you can choose hard wood or any other type of flooring.  You get to choose the type of paint or even the color if you do not want the standard flat white wall.

6.  Reason number six is simply that homes appreciates in value over time.  So if you purchase a home now, when you are ready to retire it will be worth way more than you paid for it.  The prices here in the United States fluctuate however it is in a way that a house purchased in let’s say 1968 for $40,000 appreciated to $60,000 in 1980 may have dropped to $52,000 in 1983 but was worth up to $75,000 in 1989.  Currently a house that was $40,000 in 1968 is worth over $100,000 in this decade.  Although the value of homes do indeed fluctuate it is still always increasing in value.

7.  Reason seven is that your home can be collateral for you if you need to take out a loan for another project.  Your car can not be used as collateral because a car depreciates in value and is not worth as much as your home.  When ever you need a substantial collateral asset, your home can be there for you in your time of need.

8.  The eighth reason to build a new home is that a house is a concrete asset.  It can be passed from generation to generation and emotional attachments are formed over the years with all the memories and events a family goes through as it grows and ages.

9.  Reason number nine is that you can pass the legacy to your children.  Give them something to inherit.  Since it is a concrete asset your children can actually inherit something that not only holds a lifetime of memories but also holds monetary value.

10.  The final of the 10 reasons why build a new home is building a new home brings an overwhelming excitement in you that can be motivating and filled with endless ideas and dreams.

If you have been thinking of building a new home call us at Mallory Construction.  We can answer your questions and help you make the right choices for a better future.

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