Holiday Decorating For Halloween

Guest Post by T.K. Houston


Holiday decoratingThis is the time of the year when the darkness of night is creeping in earlier, leaving us with shorter days and longer nights to fill our imaginations with all kinds of eerie creatures of the night.  We often imagine blood thirsty Vampires, howling ghosts, dancing skeletons, and menacing ghouls.  It is a time of year that is traditionally spent creating holiday decorating for Halloween, dressing up in sinister costumes, trick or treating, throwing spooky parties, and visiting a terrifying haunted house.

There are many ideas for all of the holiday decorating for Halloween that is enjoyed by many.  Some of my favorites that I like to see are the blackened silhouettes of life size figures stalking past a window with a knife held high in a threatening pose, yards with a display full of gruesome details with blood covered and mangled bodies, and those that offer a lighter sense of terror such as a life size scarecrow sitting on the porch with a pumpkin head marked with an ominous face.

Some projects can be simple, easy, and can be done with very little cost while others can rack up on a credit card, while others require skill and talent as well as expensive tools.  It is a good idea to evaluate the amount of money, skill, and time that you want to allocate towards your project.  If you do not have a lot of spare time and you have a larger budget than you can easily purchase many manufactured objects to build your hair raising yard display.  There are so many very interesting and frightening skulls, grave stones, mist machines, skeletons and other props that can be purchased from a retailer.

If you have a limited budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on manufactured props then you have to consider what your budget is exactly, how much time you have to spend, and what your skills are.  If you have enough spare time and skilled with tools such as saws, hammer, nails and screws , and can draw fairly well,  then creating silhouettes from  plywood may be an idea for you. Arranging them in a baneful pose that will seem frightening to the subconscious mind of those passing by will be a great way to celebrate the baneful time of the coming winter and darkness of the sky.

What if you possess no artistic skills, you do not really have much time or money but you still want to participate in the festivities by using some holiday decorating for Halloween.  There are great ideas that are simple, easy and cheap.  One Idea that I absolutely get a real kick out of, is a life size figure sitting in a relaxed pose on a rocking chair or even a bale of hay next to the front door.  you can use a large gourde, head size pumpkin or a sack filled with hay or some other stuffing.

Take your old blue jeans, an old long sleeve shirt, a pair of work gloves, an old pair of work boots or hiking boots, and a  wide brim hat such as a straw hat or cowboy hat. Button up the jeans and shirt and tack them together with safety pins or even sew them together if you want. (doesn’t have to be pretty).  stuff the clothes giving it an appearance of a body. Pose the body on the porch then place the boots where the feet should be and tuck the bottom of the pant legs into the boots.   Add the gloves where the hands should be and tuck the sleeves into the gloves.  (stuff the gloves a bit if needed).  then add the head topped with the hat.

You can add all kinds of scary props to your display to add to the menacing affects of the figure.  I have seen fake spider webs at the local dollar stores and there are other props that you can get at the local dollar store as well to enhance the scene  such as plastic pumpkins and masks.  Fake spiders strategically placed in a web makes a great detail.  It is more believable to use real items too such as a few apples, squash, pumpkins and other seasonal items.  Changing the color of the porch light bulb to a red, purple, blue or green light bulb can add a dramatic affect when creating the effect of your holiday decorating for Halloween.

I wish you all a Happy and safe Halloween filled with lots of candy, fright, and delight.

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