6 Up And Coming Design Trends

6 Up and Coming Design Trends that lean toward practicality

6 Up and Coming Design Trends courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

In this picture from the Wall Street Journal it shows a beautiful living
space as opposed to a formal living room.

American homes are changing.

My industry is seeing a complete shift from (grand foyers, soaker tubs, and formal living rooms) to a more practical look such as (drop zones, steam showers, and open family rooms), as a recent Wall Street Journal states. Take a look at six up and coming design trends:

  • Out: Grand Foyers
  • In: Drop Zones
  • Out: Formal living rooms
  • In: Open family rooms
  • Out: Second staircase
  • In: Room for elevator
  • Out: Dad’s office
  • In: Lifestyle center
  • Out: Soaker tubs
  • In: Steam showers
  • Out: Breakfast nook
  • In: Outdoor living space

Get your ideas flowing and check out the full article.

Alan Williams

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