Turning Your Carport Into A Garage

Turning your carport into a garage may be a project you are considering as 2012 progresses. Here in the San Bernardino area, the Santa Ana winds can do quite a bit of damage to property during the months of the wind storm season. It is not just the weather that you want to protect your property from. Sure, during the months of the Santa Ana wind storm season you may wish to protect your car from the damaging spray of sand and dirt, and debris that can cause serious damage. You may wish you had a garage at that moment. The wind storms do not last all year, although there are other reasons to consider turning your car port into a garage.

What value does a carport offer? Well, a carport is an open structure that offers limited protection from natural elements. It does not offer protection from theft or vandalism. A carport is usually a roof attached to four posts. Wind, rain, and even the damaging heat and beating rays of the sun can still cause damage to your vehicle or anything else you may choose to store under that over head cover. it has no doors or walls and basically offers absolutely zero amount of security for you or your property at any time during the year.

What benefits will be gained by turning your carport into a garage? A garage is a fully enclosed structure. Since it has four walls and a door under it’s roof, it offers protection from rain, wind, and even the sun. If you desire to control the temperature, you can even heat it or cool it off. Although most garages are not insulated for the purpose of saving energy, you most certainly can have your garage insulated if you choose.  Because a garage is completely enclosed, it can be locked and if you choose, you can even have a security alarm installed. A garage offers a significant amount of security for you and your property. If you want to use it as a storage area for your property that you do not want damaged by the weather, theft, or vandalism, a garage may be for you. Wouldn’t you be able to sleep better at night knowing that you and your property is secure?

There are some other benefits of turning your carport into a garage as well. Later in life, you may choose to use your garage as a work out center, a recreation room where your family will be able to play indoor type games such as billiards, ping pong, and interactive video games such as WII and Xbox. You may want to eventually turn your garage into an additional bedroom or even a small apartment or guest house for when you have company from out of town.

Another idea you may want to consider, is the cost of turning your carport into a garage compared to the increased amount of value it will add to your home. To make this determination, it would be a good idea to find out how much more your home will be worth or appraised for if you make that conversion. After all, if you ever plan to sell the home, you also want to be able to recoup your investment that you have put in to your home. When you discover how much the value of your home will increase with the conversion, then you will be able to make a more reasonable budget on how much you are willing to invest into the project. maybe at this particular time it would not be a great idea to have a heavily insulated and aesthetic garage, however a simple and secure garage will fit with in your budgeted investment and will add a reasonable increase in value of your home.

Regardless of the type of structure you want to add or change to your property, always consider exactly what you want to accomplish before making the decision.

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