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Best Time For Roof Repair

Summer time can be the best time for roof repair, your roof is dry, and the weather allows the old roof shingles to be removed without the chance for a downpour to flood your home, or wind to hamper the work that is needed. Having your roof repair estimated during the dry summer months also… Continue Reading

Springtime Kitchen Remodel

The weather has been very nice here in San Bernardino. It is a great time to do a kitchen remodel. It is a great time of year for construction because the weather permits open doors and windows while the crew works on your home. You deserve a great kitchen to help you take care of… Continue Reading

Interior Decorating as a Contractor

As a contractor it may surprise people that I have a natural knack for interior decorating and design. When I see an old building or house I can visualize what would make that place stand out and look great. There are a few things to think about when decorating or working interior design. I’m lucky… Continue Reading

New Year for Remodeling

There comes a time in the life of every home when some kind of remodeling is needed. It is now a New Year for remodeling and the time has come to beautify your home and bring it up to a more modern look. It is possible to not just create a beautiful home on the… Continue Reading

When to Remodel a Bathroom

You will know when to remodel a bathroom when you are faced with lots of issues with your current bathroom. When your toilet is leaking often even after the seal is fixed or if your toilet is cracked you may need to do some remodeling repairs to the floor and walls surrounding the toilet. If… Continue Reading

Decorating for Thanksgiving

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating… most holidays are so frustratingly difficult to organize, you need to take a week off after the holiday just to get back on your feet after all that stress. But Thanksgiving is an exception – a true family holiday, a day to relax and unwind and spend quality time with the… Continue Reading