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Restoration in Redlands

Redlands California ConstructionWhen we think of restoration in Redlands California, we often think of old historical buildings. We forget that homes need restoring as well. If you are house hunting and you don’t want to have a new home built and you are looking for a deal, chances are that you will buy one that needs a little work. It may not cost as much as you think as long as you are realistic about how you want it fixed up. For example, if the surrounding homes sell for $350,000 and you spend $200,000 on your fixer-upper home you may not want to put in marble floors and gold fixtures because Continue Reading

Decorating for thanksgiving

It’s that time of year here in the United States when we gather with family to give thanks. It is the last fall holiday. We consume fall foods such as anything made with pumpkin, apples and cranberries. I personally enjoy this holiday feast and absolutely love the colors of this season. As I look around… Continue Reading

Halloween In Its Ever Changing Form

Over the centuries of different cultures there have been different celebrations to honor the end of the summer growing season. Here in the United States we have carried on the tradition of Halloween in its ever changing form. In Autumn the correlation between Halloween and the Autumn harvest are the different fruits and vegetables that… Continue Reading

Benefits of a Covered Patio

There are a few good reasons to add a cover to your patio. One of the top benefits is that it adds to the property value. With a cover it gives extra shade especially if the back of the house sits in direct sun for most of the day. It keeps the house cooler in… Continue Reading

Room Additions in the Summer

As a whole we all think about making some changes to our homes in the summer time here in the Inland Empire because that is when the weather permits us to do most of our work with out worrying about rain. Adding a room in the summer time makes room for the winter holidays when… Continue Reading

The Sunroom In The Summer

Here in San Bernardino it gets pretty darn hot in the summer. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the scenery with out having to experience the heat. A sunroom in the summer is a great way to experience the outdoors with out actually being outdoors. Sitting and doing daily activities such as reading or… Continue Reading