Summer Room Addition And Remodeling

Room AdditionSummer is the best time to get that room addition or remodel done here in the Inland Empire because that is when the weather permits us to do our best work without worrying about cold weather and rain. Adding a room in the summer time makes room for those winter holidays when entertaining family and guest coming in from out of town to visit and you need that extra room.

Make sure to plan ahead because Continue Reading

Lead Safe Commercial and Residential Construction

Lead Safe Commercial and Residential Construction, Lead removal during a construction project can be a big problem if you hire a construction company that does not know what they are doing, take for instance what happened to the people of Escondido Village. Construction in 2013 exposed Escondido Village residents … During any removal of lead-based… Continue Reading

Restoration in Redlands

When we think of restoration in Redlands California, we often think of old historical buildings. We forget that homes need restoring as well. If you are house hunting and you don’t want to have a new home built and you are looking for a deal, chances are that you will buy one that needs a… Continue Reading

Commercial Tenant Improvement By The Numbers

Is your business looking to build-out or overhaul a commercial space you have just leased or purchased? … Great! Then we can help, Mallory Construction is the leader in the Commercial Tenant Improvement construction business since 2001, if you’re looking to buildout a vacant space, overhaul, improve or remodel a commercial space in the San Bernardino,… Continue Reading