Entertain with a Family Room Addition

A lot of people purchase a home with dreams about entertaining guests in their new home. Some soon find out that it is difficult to entertain even mid-sized groups of guests in their home and decide they need to add a room or expand their home. It is surprising to some that their beautiful home… Continue Reading

Best Time For Roof Repair

Summer time can be the best time for roof repair, your roof is dry, and the weather allows the old roof shingles to be removed without the chance for a downpour to flood your home, or wind to hamper the work that is needed. Having your roof repair estimated during the dry summer months also… Continue Reading

Springtime Kitchen Remodel

The weather has been very nice here in San Bernardino. It is a great time to do a kitchen remodel. It is a great time of year for construction because the weather permits open doors and windows while the crew works on your home. You deserve a great kitchen to help you take care of… Continue Reading

New Home Build

One of the best reasons for a new home build is that you can have it built where-ever you want it and can get a permit. Some of the other benefits are simply that you can have your dream home made specifically for your taste and everything will be new and modern and up to… Continue Reading

Interior Decorating as a Contractor

As a contractor it may surprise people that I have a natural knack for interior decorating and design. When I see an old building or house I can visualize what would make that place stand out and look great. There are a few things to think about when decorating or working interior design. I’m lucky… Continue Reading