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Summer Room Addition And Remodeling

Room AdditionSummer is the best time to get that room addition or remodel done here in the Inland Empire because that is when the weather permits us to do our best work without worrying about cold weather and rain. Adding a room in the summer time makes room for those winter holidays when entertaining family and guest coming in from out of town to visit and you need that extra room.

Make sure to plan ahead because Continue Reading

Springtime Kitchen Remodel

The weather has been very nice here in San Bernardino. It is a great time to do a kitchen remodel. It is a great time of year for construction because the weather permits open doors and windows while the crew works on your home. You deserve a great kitchen to help you take care of… Continue Reading

The Big Move

Recently we have had some exciting events take place and one of those things is that we have moved to a new location. That’s right, we just made the big move. The building structure on the property was nowhere near what we needed it to be. Changes were necessary to make the property work for… Continue Reading

New Year for Remodeling

There comes a time in the life of every home when some kind of remodeling is needed. It is now a New Year for remodeling and the time has come to beautify your home and bring it up to a more modern look. It is possible to not just create a beautiful home on the… Continue Reading

When to Remodel a Bathroom

You will know when to remodel a bathroom when you are faced with lots of issues with your current bathroom. When your toilet is leaking often even after the seal is fixed or if your toilet is cracked you may need to do some remodeling repairs to the floor and walls surrounding the toilet. If… Continue Reading