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Getting Ready For The Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays is a great time to make those changes you have been wanting to make to dress to impress your guests with your beautiful home. There are many things one can do to create a warm and welcoming scene behind the scene. These wonderful changes may go unmentioned by your guests… Continue Reading

Holiday Remodel

Are you hosting some kind of holiday function at your home? Is this event also coinciding with the fact that you would like to remodel a portion of your house as well in order to really dazzle your guests? If so, it is never too early to think about a perspective home remodel. Home remodeling… Continue Reading

Sun-room is the Fun Room

There are many reasons to have a sun-room and it is perfect for homes in various climates. The Sun-room is a fun room because it is a great place to work on projects, have breakfast, tea time, entertain visitors or simply to relax while reading a favorite book. When I work on my crafts, they… Continue Reading

Turn Your Bedroom Into Home Office

So you have a spare bedroom that is pretty much going to waste because it’s been unused for sometime? If so, people in that situation commonly turn that spare bedroom into some kind of office space. This essentially makes a room in your house that was nonfunctional into a fully functional office suite. This office… Continue Reading

Tenant Improvement

Did you just lease your own rental space for your office? The leasing of rental space usually means a special moment for your company. For some it signifies the start of a business or it could even mean expansion. Either way you will want to make your space take on the identity of the brand… Continue Reading

What Is A Great Room

By the early 1990’s, Great Rooms had began to increase in popularity in the construction industry with the modernized floor plans for new home builds. One of the frequent questions asked is “what is a Great room?”.  I hope to give an answer to this question that everyone can relate to. It is an idea… Continue Reading