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Restoration in Redlands

Redlands California ConstructionWhen we think of restoration in Redlands California, we often think of old historical buildings. We forget that homes need restoring as well. If you are house hunting and you don’t want to have a new home built and you are looking for a deal, chances are that you will buy one that needs a little work. It may not cost as much as you think as long as you are realistic about how you want it fixed up. For example, if the surrounding homes sell for $350,000 and you spend $200,000 on your fixer-upper home you may not want to put in marble floors and gold fixtures because Continue Reading

Home additions and Refurbishing

  As time goes by our homes get older or we may acquire a home or structure that needs additions or refurbishing. It is interesting to think about all of the wonderful ways a home can be transformed and the reasons for it. As we see below, the City of Indio has acquired homes and have… Continue Reading

A Flooded Home

There are lots of reasons a house becomes flooded. There may be an instance such as a broken pipe That floods your house. Imagine you go off to work thinking everything is fine only to come home to a flooded house. A pipe has broken and has been spraying water all day long filling your… Continue Reading

Making Changes That Count

It is always exciting when we purchase our first home. It is generally small or rather old and mostly a fixer upper. At first it seems like a little paint and a few minor repairs are all that are needed. For the first year or two that may be true but then those old pipes… Continue Reading

Disaster Clean-Up

In the event of a disastrous event in your life such as a fire that has caused damage to your insured home or business, you should be aware of Disaster Clean-up Scams. These Companies usually appear rather quickly and have you sign over your insurance money to “save” your property. They generally take ALL of… Continue Reading

How To Choose Paint

I was working on a long list of how to choose the right paint, then I found this great video from the Lowe’s training center that says just about everything, from ways to get color ideas to the type of paint to use on your projects. The video is under 5 minutes long but is… Continue Reading