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Handyman Service

I am positive that everyone has heard of the term Handyman Service. What is a general idea of what this type of service consist of?  I would say a little carpentry to fix a door or cabinet, maybe some touch up painting or even something as small as installing mini blinds or fixing a faucet.… Continue Reading

The House Fire

Guest Post by T.K. Houston When I was a child about seven years old, I remember my parents bursting into my room where me and my three sisters slept.  My mother was yelling for us to get out of bed because our house was on fire.  We lived in a two story home on the… Continue Reading

Refurbishing Your Rental Property

In today’s Real estate market it is difficult to sell a house for what it is worth.  Refurbishing and changing the structure of a home for resale may not be a good money making move, however, renting a property may be the answer.  People are not buying homes like they used to in today’s economy… Continue Reading

Fire and Flood Restoration Service

A simple pipe burst or a small kitchen fire is quite a common occurrence in a typical home. However, if the flood or fire gets worse, your entire house may be in danger. Hence, a fire and flood restoration service may be needed, but not all companies may have your best interest in mind, so… Continue Reading