Ciralight The Company

Ciralight Global CaliforniaCiralight virtually eliminates the need for electric lighting during daytime hours.

Ciralight Global, Inc. is headquartered in sunny Southern California where it manufactures its patented Ciralight SunTracker™.

The smart skylights use advanced GPS Suntracking technology and mirrors to illuminate commercial buildings. The result is a FREE source of light during the day, which will save energy, lowering your utility bills, and providing a better quality of light within your building. Ciralight skylight systems are better for the Environment, Better for your Business, and Better for People.

Now with the worldwide movement toward energy efficiency and a greener planet, smart skylight systems are the an international commercial industry lighting solution that will allow millions of people enjoy natural, healthier, clean energy efficient lighting.

Ciralight Global: History

Ciralight Global, Inc. roots date back to the 1970’s when Lee Dominguez, the original pioneer of solar-tracking skylights, established the first active skylight and soon marketed the product through his company, So-Luminaire.

After over 25 years of research and development on the technology of active daylighting and its many benefits, So-Luminaire entered into a license agreement with Nature’s Lighting in 2006. In January 2007, poised to take advantage of the growing interest in natural energy sources, Nature’s Lighting changed its name to Ciralight, Inc and based itself out of Park City, Utah.

In 2009, Ciralight Global, Inc. secured the assets and patent from a former creditor of Ciralight, Inc.

Ciralight Global is now moving forward to make Solar-Tracking, Active Daylighting skylight systems a construction industry staple while helping millions of people experience the many benefits of healthy, energy cost saving, all-natural sun lighting.

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