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Smart Skylights

Companies are seeking ways to help the environment, while saving money at the same time. Smart Skylights ™ fill both these needs. We have mostly been getting calls from large companies that have very high electric bills, mainly warehouses. But with the advent of our newer smaller designs, we now can provide a range of Smart Skylights ™, for medium size businesses and offices.

At just one of its stores, Wal-Mart helped cut an estimated 618,200 pounds of atmosphere-warming carbon dioxide, 1,793 pounds of nitrogen oxides and 1,076 pounds of sulfur dioxide from being produced by electric generating stations annually.

With the increase in fuel prices, along with gas and electricity, it only makes sense to look at alternatives to save money on lighting cost. Of course along with the cost of lighting a building, you need to take into account other factors. Just adding old style regular skylights allow some light in, but also let in heat and cold, which can increase the amount of heating or air conditioning needed, which defeats the purpose of adding old style skylights.

When Daylighting with Smart Skylights ™ this problem is eliminated, because the design effectively blocks the transfer of heat and cold energy. Keeping your energy bill lower when heating or cooling your building.

Example: Clothing manufacturer Patagonia, installed our advanced daylighting system to reduce electricity consumption at their Reno, Nevada distribution center.

The centers requirements for artificial lighting dropped by two-thirds and operating costs, including for HVAC, fell by a third. The reason is that the spectral content of natural light produces about 2.5 times as many lumens per Btu of cooling load than electric produced lighting does.

That savings would avoid producing 618,200 pounds of atmosphere warming carbon dioxide, 1,793 pounds of nitrogen oxides and 1,076 pounds of sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pollute the air, creating smog. Nitrogen oxides harm the earth’s ozone layer.

Whether it’s a commercial warehouse, factory, retail building, school or office. Mallory Construction can offer you advice on which product is best suited to the needs of your building and handle the full installation of the project. Moreover, these daylight systems can radically improve and enhance the environment for your staff, students and customers.

An Ace Hardware store manager in Martinez, CA, reported at least a 10% increase in sales after installing a SunTracker system. In addition, energy savings totaled 4.9 cents kWh/sq. ft.

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Smart Skylights™ and SunTracker™ is a trademark of Ciralight Global Inc. the Manufacturer.