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Kitchen renovation

Mallory Construction did an outstanding job. My kitchen remodel looks more beautiful than I had envisioned. Alan Williams was so great to work with. Everything we discussed and agreed upon came out exact. He even added details to the work that I wouldn’t have thought about. Beautiful cabinets, granite counter tops, new sink and faucet, plumbing included. All went smooth and in the estimated time given. Very fair and reasonable cost.

Thank you, so much Alan. I love my new kitchen.

Diane Roman
Rancho Cucamonga



Away we go. The kitchen with lights and camera. Thanks to all of you who made this possible in the narrow window that we had. We expect over 200 people in our classes today and tomorrow .

Thank you,

Richard R. Larsen
Vice President, Honeyville Facilities


Mallory Construction was awesome.  They built us a beautiful home after ours was lost in the wildfire of 2003. We’ve been in our “new” home for over 7 years now and still love getting up everyday.  They know what they’re doing and you should take their advice on construction and design.  Alan is truly professional and caring – what more could you want!  I still love to show my house to prospective clients of his!!

I’m happy you wrote us a letter after the fire and responded to us the same day
we called you – very impressive.

Jill Lewis – San Bernardino, CA


We found Mallory Construction through a referral and Choosing to have Alan Williams of Mallory Construction as the contractor for our new house was one of the best decisions we ever made…

Gunther Fire OutsideGunther Fire Inside After FireMallory ConstructionGunther Fire After Being Rebuilt

When our house burned down at the end of 2009, we were flooded with offers from various contractors who wanted to build our new house, and many of them were promising us the moon.  We asked around about the ones we were the most interested in, and when we came to Alan Williams, we heard nothing but great things about him. One of our friends who has used him as her contractor multiple times told us, “You can’t go wrong with Alan Williams.  He does quality work that’s just beautiful, and he’s extremely meticulous about everything. You won’t be sorry if you use him to get your new home-built.” She was so right, and we feel very fortunate that we listened!

Our new house is completely gorgeous, and the workmanship is just excellent.  In addition, one of the main reasons our home turned out so beautiful and elegant-looking is due to suggestions that Alan made to us during construction. We feel like he’s one of those rare individuals with “vision,” who seems to have almost unerringly perfect judgment for  making things look the very best. We used his advice and ideas many, many times as the building on our house progressed, and when  we look at the finished product, we’re so happy we did. On top of all that, Mallory Construction even had our home finished ahead of  schedule!  Having had a somewhat nightmarish experience previously with a remodel that went on forever when using a different contractor, we know what a rarity that is. We not only give Mallory Construction and Alan Williams our highest recommendation, but  believe that those who choose Alan as their contractor will be extremely glad they did.

He’s simply outstanding.
Victoria Gunther – Redlands, CA

Our home was destroyed in the Old Fire of 2003. When we were making the decision of whether or not to rebuild, several contractors contacted us.  We chose Mallory Construction, Alan Williams contractor, and we have not been sorry! Alan was wonderful to work with; when we asked for changes or something different he was extremely receptive, and always the work was done beautifully.  If there was a  concern about a sub-contractor, that concern was taken care of promptly.  Our home was chosen to be on the San Bernardino Symphony Home Tour in 2005, 4 months after we moved back in.  The accolades from those who visited it were many, and people  continue to compliment us on our lovely home.

We found Mallory Construction because of the fire which destroyed about 750 homes in San Bernardino, there were many contractors  making contact with those who wanted to rebuild.  We chose Mallory because of our impression that they really cared about us.

We Recommend you give Alan a call when you need a contractor.


Ernest and Dorothy Garcia – San Bernardino, CA

Mallory Construction, came to our town just to do our remodel project, which consisted of a complete interior house gut and remodel. They came when they said they would and completed when they said they would.  A service that is difficult to find.  I wouldn’t think  twice about using them again…

Matt Draper – Bountiful, UT

About 6 years ago, we decided to add-on to our home.  Alan was the first contractor to return my phone call.  After meeting him, I was very happy with his professionalism and promptness.  We did a major add-on to our home.  We told Alan what we wanted and he helped us to come up with an idea to most utilize the space we had.  The longest wait was waiting on the city to approve the plans. And there’s not much  control over that! Once they were approved, the job was done in 5 months.  We added a new kitchen, master bedroom and bath, family  room, another bedroom and laundry room.  When I talk to other people who had similar projects done, their projects went twice as long is  not longer and they are no longer speaking to their contractor.  I’m happy to say I am still friends with Alan and his sweet wife Barbie.  We  are very happy with our home and get compliments on it all the time.  And best of all, we got to stay in the neighborhood we love!

Thanks Alan and Barbie!
Kris Hubbell – Redlands, CA

Alan Williams is a man of his word. He showed up to dig our playground area with a tractor and an attitude toward completion. He worked that tractor like a magician doing his thing. After a few hours and hundreds of buckets of dirt later, he said let us check it with the level. He took out his laser level and checked the entire area. Every spot he checked was level, it was amazing! He dug about 3 feet of dirt and moved it all around by eye. I was blown away. What eyeball precision. That comes with experience and dedication to doing it right. Then I asked him to do one more delicate job near the house. Most drivers would have bashed in the wall at some point. He never got within 6 inches of it. You take the hurt out of dirt.

Great job Alan.
Scott Rundle – Lake Arrowhead, CA